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Welcome to Rock Out San Francisco, the official shop of Denise Barnhart Photosounds.

Denise is a photographer, member of San Francisco Women Artists, and creator of photosounds. She documents the streets of San Francisco and the trails of northern California, and mashes the images up with song titles to help tell the scene's story.

Get ready to see (and hear) her world in ways that are obscure, profound, thought-provoking, and amusing. With photosounds albums and posters as inspiration and a cool souvenir shirt or hoodie, you'll be ready to hit the outdoors to experience your own world in new ways.

  • Lands End San Francisco

    Journey along the Lands End trail to the stories and tunes of Train.

  • Sutro Baths

    Explore the ruins of Sutro Baths while listening to some of my favorite boy bands.

  • Mission & Matt

    Tour 24th Street in the Mission District to the sweet sounds of San Francisco's own Matt Nathanson.

  • Scenes from the Cable Cars

    View San Francisco from the iconic cable cars with the sounds of The Cars. Who else?

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Tour the streets of San Francisco and amazing parks of Northern California.

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